Why Buy a Water Butt? How does it work?

Why buy a water butt? With the unpredictable English weather it can be hard to know when you are going to need to water the garden. We can go for weeks without so much as a glimmer of sunshine and then suddenly have a two week spell of fantastic weather, glorious sunshine and heat and … Read more

Water Butt Accessories – Things You Need!

square downpipe water butt diverter kit

Water Butt Accessories – Things you need to go with your Water Butt! A water butt is a great addition to your garden. Some homes even set up multiple water butts to gather water from the house along with the water gathered from sheds, summer houses or garages.  Water butts collect rain water through the … Read more

Growing Your Own Produce – Easily At Home!

Grow Your Own

Growing Your own Produce When you grow something yourself you appreciate it in a different way, its a natural extension if you cook. There is nothing better when cooking to know that you have grown ingredients from seed to use in your dish. (And a great conversation point at the dinner table too!) Some things, … Read more

The Revival of House Plants and Their Benefits

Flamingo Plant

The Revival of House Plants and Their Hidden Benefits They’re back! The revival of house plants as key feature in interior schemes has gathered momentum over the past year or two. Dramatic 1970’s favourites – like Cheese plants, ferns and palm leaves are also becoming more popular for their bold shapes and the impact they … Read more

Watering The Garden For Beginners

watering the garden

Watering the Garden – What You Need to Know How often to water your garden. It depends a few different factors, of course the weather is the most critical factor, if there is a hot spell or a heatwave you are going to be needing to water every day or sometimes even twice a day. … Read more

Garden Incinerator Reviews

mini garden incinerator

Contents1 Best Garden Incinerator Reviews1.1 1. Keto Plastics 210 Litre Garden Incinerator1.2 2. The Crazy Gadget 90 Litre Incinerator1.3 3. Mini 15 Litre Garden Incinerator  Best Garden Incinerator Reviews     A garden incinerator is super useful to have around, to burn scrap wood, leaves and paper (documents you might need to destroy). It also … Read more