Can Xhose be used with Pressure Washer?

Can Xhose be used with Pressure Washer?

Yes and no… The manufacturers guidelines stipulate that you shouldn’t use the XHose product with a pressure washer.

However, many people online have reported that they have used their Xhose with a pressure washer without any problems!

A few have said that the hose “exploded” or came detached quickly from the pressure washer itself. Others have had to go out and buy special attachments to get it to work with their pressure washer.

Due to the unique nature and design of the Xhose, my advice would be to not use it with a pressure washer – especially as the manufacturer of the product advises you not to!

can xhose be used with pressure washer
Can Xhose be used with pressure washer?

An Xhose is a unique hose designed for compact storage and large amounts of length and anti-kink properties. Using it with a pressure washer is inadvisible.

I would purchase a short and cheap length of hosepipe – possibly like this one – that can be attached safely and efficiently to a pressure washer rather than risk breaking your Xhose or Pressure Washer.