Water Butts are a great addition to any garden – collect rainwater and use it on your garden – all it will cost you is the price of the water butt.
Not only that, you will be helping the environment!

Check out our picks for the best Water Butt below:

Be Green 100L Capacity Mini Rainsaver Be Green 100l Rainsaver
  • Price: £
  • Capacity: 100L
  • Material: Recycled
  • Affordable standard water butt
Charles Bentley 120L Oak Wood Effect Garden 120L Oak Effect Water Butt
  • Price: ££
  • Capacity: 120L
  • Material: Recycled
  • Wonderful Water Butt that will blend into your garden
Jacobean Dark Oak Hogshead Ale Barrel With Brass TapJacobean Dark Oak Ale Barrel
  • Price: £££
  • Capacity: 238L
  • Material: Polymer
  • Indestructable - very realistic wood effect
EbertSankey 150-Litre Beehive ButtTerractotta Effect Water Butt
  • Price: ££
  • Capacity: 150L
  • Material: Recycled
  • Unique and attractive garden water butt

1. Be Green 100L Capacity Mini Rainsaver Water ButtBe Green 100L Capacity Mini Rainsaver

Contains everything you need to get going.

The water butt is made from recycled plastic and is packaged in simple plastic sheeting.

So not too much wastage there.

The connector pipe and tap are included and fairly easy to apply if you just follow the instructions carefully.

The lid is a firm fit and quite difficult to get off…

..(which from past experiences, is definitely a good thing!)

Its a slimline, tall water butt with 100L capacity – so perfect for light garden watering.

The 3 part stand is also a particularly study and will not buckle under the weight as it is strengthened with angled stiffeners.

The tap is also hosepipe connector compatible.


  • 100L Water butt
  • Strong Lid
  • Stand
  • Connector Pipe / Diverter
  • Tap

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2. Harcostar 227l Water ButtHarcostar 350 litre Magnum

If you’re looking for a butt with a large water capacity, this one has it at 227L.

Complete with a very sturdy stand, tap and downpipe filler.

The classic three part stand locks together making it stronger than a one piece stand.

The lid is also a little more advanced with a lockable lid.

There is a 210L water butt which is very similar and about £5 cheaper, but I included the Harcostar because the overall quality, feel and look is better.

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3. Be Green 200L Capacity Garden Lake Kit 

An excellent quality all round water butt.

With a huge 200L capacity it will certainly save on your water bills.

As with the others, everything you need to set it up is included.

Just take you time and get the feeder hose at the right height on the drain pipe to ensure maximum water collection.
This water butt has a unique barrel wood grain effect in the other plastic to make it more visually acceptable in a garden.

Its made of recycled plastic which is good to hear.

The lid is also child safe – even better!!

The unique shape is slightly wider at the top than the bottom for better space saving.

The widest point at the top is about 70cm diameter.


  • Everything you need to set up
  • Stand
  • Diverter Kit
  • Tap

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4. Harcostar 350 litre Magnum Water Butt Harcostar 350 litre Magnum

A huge 350L water butt that is very sturdy and well made.

There are two tap ports.

One is 30cm from ground level and there is a second tap port right at the bottom – in case you choose to raise the water butt onto a stand.

Some people make a stand from slabs, or something else incredibly strong.

(You don’t have to use a plastic one.)

The higher tap means you don have to raise it off the ground if you don’t want to.
Its completely made from recycled plastic and the lid is child proof.

Also, because the width at the top is quite large, (78cm x 78cm circle) it is possible to dip the whole watering can into the butt for quicker filling.

(Perfect for the impatient gardener.)
The Harcostar Magnum comes with 5 pre dilled and pre plugged holes, to save you the hard work, ready for the attachments.

You also get the rain diverter kit and one tap included.

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5. EbertSankey 150-Litre Beehive Water Butt

An extremely unique bee hive shaped terracotta effect water butt.

The texture and look of the butt is extremely convincing until you see the black lid.

But this water butt looks so unique I think we can forgive it for that.

It is made from 100% recycled plastic.

There is no stand included, but it could look great of a raised platform of bricks.

The water butt can be used on any stand capable of holding the 150L weight, or you own custom built stand.

The tap is supplied and is good quality.

However you will need to purchase the water butt filler down pipe attachment separately. (These are very cheap to purchase.)
It is lightweight so easy to get into place, weather resistant and shatterproof thanks to the durable plastic.
At 150L you are not compromising capacity for design features.

This makes the EvertSankey a great water butt to integrate into an garden to start saving money on water bills!

It also acts as a decorative feature of the garden.

It blends in like a terracotta pot, instead of standing out like a big green monster.

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6. Charles Bentley 120L Oak Wood Effect Water Butt

Another great looking water butt!

It’s so nice water butts that have been designed to compliment and become a feature of the garden.

This is much preferred to a green plastic tank!

As they are such a key part of most peoples gardens, the design features really make a difference.

And the good news is that they don’t cost much more at all!
The Charles Bentley is a small to medium sized water butt that cater for your every day watering. It is made from recycled plastic and has a lovely lid which is rare. A wood effect one that blends in with the rest of the barrel completing the look.
It comes as seen in the picture with the addition of an easy twist tap. The only downside to this attractive water butt is that it doesn’t come with a stand, and will need raising off the ground in order to use a watering can under the tap. (This could be a home made brick stand or a regular black plastic stand which can be bought for around £11.) Also, the down pipe filer kit is not included and the holes are not pre drilled for one. (On one hand this is a good thing because you can customise where the hole is placed to suit your garden, but on the other hand, it requires a little DIY job to get it set up to use.

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7. Jacobean Dark Oak Hogshead Ale Barrel With Brass TapJacobean Dark Oak Hogshead Ale Barrel With Brass Tap

A particularly beautiful looking water butt that couples as a garden ornament.

Based on a vintage oak ale barrel, this plastic moulded and very well painted water butt really is convincing.

Its extremely tough and long lasting with double the capacity of the other barrel design butt.

Complete with a vintage looking brass tap, which is subtly suitable for regular hose pipe fittings.
The unique barrel shape has a diameter of 56cm at the top and bottom and 70cm in the middle.

This barrel butt can be placed on the floor and used without a stand (the tap height is still suitable for a watering can).

Or you can sit in on a stand, making the tap sit at a much more comfortable height.
This is a great looking addition to any garden and water can be fed from the drainpipe directly into the hole in the lid of the butt.

(No need to drill holes in the side of the plastic barrel.)

One negative about this water butt is that the water inside that sits below the level of the tap is impossible to use.

There is no way to full empty it without tipping it upside down or adding a tap hole at the bottom and the lid is not removable.

One final positive –  the barrel butt has a unique dip in the lid area.

It is deep enough to plant a few small plants to further decorate the water butt.

It would look great with ivy or another draping plant that could hang down in front of the barrel butt to make it blend into your garden even more.

We love the brass tap that is supplied.

(Much more fancy than a standard black one which is normal supplied.)
If you’re more interested in the aesthetic of the water butt than the practicality, then it will be a perfect addition to your garden.

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