Are Expandable Hose Pipes Any Good?


When it comes to watering your garden or washing your car, having a reliable hose is essential. Traditional hoses have long been a staple, but in recent years, a new contender has entered the scene: the expandable hose pipe. These innovative hoses are gaining popularity due to their unique features and convenience. In this article, … Read more

How to Look After & Store A Garden Hose

hozelock superhoze storage

A garden hose is an essential tool for watering your plants, washing your car, or fun for your children. To ensure its longevity and optimal performance, proper maintenance and storage practices are crucial. Buy investing in a medium to high quality hose pipe and then spending a bit of time looking after it, you can … Read more

10 Best Garden Sprinklers UK 2023 (Tried & Tested)

A garden sprinkler is not something that everyone needs for their garden… .. but they do have a fantastic range of purposes!They are great for the summer holidays where you want to spend time in your garden relaxing. (Not standing up, holding a hose or watering can!) Owning a sprinkler enables you to keep the … Read more

Do Watering Spikes Work & What Are They

When it comes to keeping plants healthy, watering is one of the most important tasks. However, it can be easy to forget to water plants, and even when we do remember, it can be difficult to know exactly how much water they need. This is where watering spikes come in. In this article, we’ll take … Read more

Best Hose Timer / Water Irrigation Timers 2023

The Hozelock Simple Water Timer waters your garden with 13 pre set programs to suit most of your gardening needs

Trying to find a the best water timer for the garden was a pretty un-exciting event, I essentially wanted to find an irrigation timer that: I could trust with my water bill. That would be easy to set up and use – no lengthy instructions please! Wasn’t going to cost a lot of money. As … Read more

Best Pressure Washer 2023

Bosch AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is the one item that solves all your dirt troubles and is a huge amount of fun to play with too! Whether its cleaning cars, or slabs, patio, decking, windows, outdoor furniture or bikes. These pressure washers can do it all. Who wants to spend hours on their hands knees scrubbing? Not … Read more

Best Expandable Hose Pipe 2023

Expandable hoses uniquely grow in length when filled with water and shrink down to a small compact size when emptied of water. It makes them perfect for garden enthusiasts who need quick, regular access to a hose, but who don’t want the hassle of having to reel it in after every use. They are perfect … Read more

Best Soaker Hose 2023

best soaker hose

A soaker hose is a unique way of gradually dripping water onto thirsty plants. They are ideal for keeping on whilst you are at work during hotter weather or even overnight to really soak the ground. Soaker Hoses are also great for establishing younger plants or hedges. Here we have a selection of the Best … Read more