Best Hose Pipe – Top 12 Hose Pipes for 2023

If, like me you are a keen gardener, you will probably agree that a hose pipe can be a very useful thing to have in the garden.

A time saver (and a leg saver!) a hosepipe can save you many trips carrying cumbersome, heavy watering cans to and from the tap over and over again.

But what style of hose pipe and how much do you need to spend to get one to suit your needs?

At, we have reviewed and tested a wide range of garden hoses to suit every garden. Here at our family home we have a large, awkwardly shaped garden with lots of different areas, lots of obstacles, different heights and a lot of length to cover, so we are able to test hosepipes to suit a whole range of different needs and requirements.

Whether your are an avid gardener with acres of space or you have a patio or window box to take care of – our reviews will help you find the right hose for the right price – quickly and easily.

Short on time? Here is a summary of our top rated hose pipes. Or you can keep scrolling and read the full review of each hosepipe below.

Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m HoseHozelock 30m Auto Reel
  • Price: £££
  • Length: 30m
  • Type: Retractable
  • Exceptional features, longevity and value
Flexi Hose Expandable Hose PipeFlexi Hose Expandable Hose Pipe
  • Price: £
  • Length: 50-100ft
  • Type: Expandable
  • Well priced, high quality expandable hose
Hozelock Starter HoseHozelock Starter Hose
  • Price: £
  • Length: 15m
  • Type: Starter
  • A quality Hozelock hose and connectors to get you started!
Suplong Expandable HoseSuplong Expandable Hose
  • Price: £
  • Length: 100m
  • Type: Expandable
  • Well priced, good quality expanding hose

Best Garden Hose Pipe to Buy in 2022

1. HOMOZE 50ft Expandable Hose

A cheap and easy to use expandable hose for the average garden.

Compared to big brands like Hozelock, this Homoze one costs a fraction of the price and for the money is reasonably well made.

When you have finished using it, let the water out and the hose will shrink back to a small and convenient size. You can coil the empty hose into a basket or into the supplied bag to keep it nice and tidy.
The pipe expands up to 3 times its original size to 50ft, making it perfect for an average to large sized garden.

This HOMOZE expandable hose gives a very good water pressure and does not leak from the connections. (They are made of a lightweight but strong plastic.)

This hose also comes with a spray gun.. (These can cost in excess of £10 on their own sold separately.)

The downside of this hose is that is can only be used as a basic hose and not with a pressure washer.


  • Very affordable
  • Anti-tangle and anti-kink hosepipe
  • 8 function spray gun included
  • Easy and compact to store between uses neatly and safely away from light and frost damage. 
  • Super lightweight, easy to manage.


  • Won’t last as long as some of the more heavy weight and robust hosepipes available from names brands such as Hozelock and Gardena.
  • Can’t be left outside over winter and should keep out of hot sun in summer.
  • Should not be used with a pressure washer.


Weight .08kg
Size: Compact
Length: 50ft when expanded

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2. 100ft Magic Garden Hose Pipe

The bargain buy of our review. Best for large gardens.

This is the cheapest hose in my list, a very low price for a 100ft hose, double the length and slightly less money than the Homoze hose.

The hose pipe extends to 100ft and is the ‘magic’ expanding type. When emptied of water it shrinks back to a small and compact size for easy storage.

It is ideal for large gardens, there would be too much excess hose for small to medium gardens making the length a bit of an inconvenience.

From past experiences with magic hoses, please take care to read the instructions carefully. Expanding hoses need special care that you don’t have to consider with traditional hosepipes. They absolutely must be stored inside throughout the winter and kept out of harsh sun in summer. They should also ideally be stored off the ground day to day, as one accidental foot treading on the hose can cause it to split quite easily.

This hose does come with a bag for storage, but trying to cram all of that coiled up fabric into the tiny bag every time you use it would drive anyone mad.

It comes with a wall hook to coil it onto, which is ideal. Or you could simply drop it into a basket when you’ve finished using it.

Reflective of the price, this hose is more cheaply made than others and you do need to take care not to leave water in the hose – otherwise it may break, start leaking or even burst.

However, if you treat it properly and let the water run out when you have finished using it you shouldn’t have any problems at all.


  • Cheap price for a lot of hose.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Long reach 100ft
  • Comes with a general multi-function spray gun and tap connector wall hanging bracket and storage bag.


  • If used incorrectly in any way, it will break
  • Fairly cheap plastic components
  • Not a hose that is going to last for many years, even if you are very careful.
  • Can snag and tear easily if drags on or hits anything spiky or sharp like rose thorns


Weight 1.02kg (when empty)
Size: Compact
Length: 100ft when expanded / 30.4m

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3. Hozelock 30m Starter Hose Starter Set

A trusted brand and a very reliable hosepipe, that has stood the test of time.

The starter set comprises of the standard hosepipe, a basic nozzle and the necessary tap connectors. It contains everything you need to get started.

With Hozelock, you are paying for extra quality, and longevity of use. This standard Hozelock tubing has four layers of braided reinforcement, to protect it from UV light, being accidentally stood on, or from friction wear from on the corners of buildings for example.

Even if this hose ‘accidentally’ gets left out for days at a time, like ours has been in – it will be absolutely fine. (It is also worth noting that if you want it to last for as many years as possible, you should try to bring in inside your shed/ garage or at least a shaded area to protect it from the worst of the suns rays.

The tap connector is the classic Hozelock tried and trusted connector if you look after it. There is a little flexibility built into Hozelock connectors, to prevent future leaks from developing. (Something you don’t get with cheaper brands.)

We have confidence that you will have no problems and that it will last a long time.

Unfortunately, there is no reel stand or hook included with the starter set to store the hosepipe between uses. But these can be purchased in a variety of styles and are relatively inexpensive.

Multi purpose, hard wearing hose for garden watering. Weather proof with UV and frost protection

This is great starter set, the perfect gift for a young couple moving into a new home. It is also available in 15m, 30m and 50m lengths. So its perfect for most garden sizes.

It contains everything you need to get going and is definitely more reliable than any expanding hose.


  • Reliable and hard wearing
  • 4 layers of reinforced material
  • Weather proof with UV and frost protection
  • Affordable – good for a first hose purchase
  • 30m / 15m / 50m lengths


  • No stand included, and there is no way of storing it neatly without one really.
  • Can kink easily – it’s quite springy


Weight 3kg
Length: 30m / 15m / 50m
Guarantee: 10 years

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4. Hozelock Auto Reel 30m

The Hose The Puts Itself Away!

Sounds like my idea of heaven. If there’s one gardening job I dislike (next to pulling nettles out), its reeling in or tidying away a hosepipe.

They look a total mess left out sprawling all over the ground, but can be such a faff to put away! The hozelock auto reel puts an end to that – a quick pull of the hose and it will recoil itself neatly away, saving you all the hard work.

This hose pipe kit is considerably more expensive than almost all other hoses, however, if you are looking for convenience, quality and longevity of use, then the higher price is almost certainly worth paying. .

It is sill affordable when you consider how long it will last and the hassle and time it will save you over the years manually reeling the hosepipe back in every night.

This is a hosepipe with some epic qualities!

It is so easy to use, the smoothly unwinding auto reel allows you to stop pulling the hose at any point to water.

– The reel mechanism automatically locks meaning you don’t have to use your other hand to hold the hose taught. (No tug of war.)

The two shining features in this little gem are the:

  • auto rewinding feature 
  • 180 degree coverage

(Lets explore those in more detail.)

So you have finished using the hose – imagine just being able to give a gentle tug and to watch the hose pipe wind itself back up.

No mess, no annoying manual winding, no knots or lifting.
Well thats exactly what this hose does.

Auto reel's robust & durable spring automatically retracts and puts the hose away for you, so you don't have to

The ‘Auto Reel’ system is a patented automatic self winding gadget that gently pulls the hose back in with a unique braking mechanism to ensure a controlled rewind.

No winding, no kink, tangles or effort. Perfect!

The other great feature is the 180-degrees swivel of the bracket.

Which makes it way easier to reach all areas of the garden without putting strain on the wall bracket for turning corners.

There is also an integrated child lock, ensuring the hose is only pulled out when you need to water the garden.

This convenient lock prevents the hose from being pulled out by children, ensuring the hose is only pulled out when needing to water the garden.

The plastic case surrounding the hose is a UV stabilised Polypropylene heavy duty plastic which extends the life of your hose against sun and weather damage.

(This case can also be easily removed from the wall bracket for winter storage.)

As always with Hozelock products – the pipe itself is made of three durable layers of weather and UV protection too.

It’s also anti kink to give you the minimum amount of fuss when using it.

The Auto Reel neatly stores and protects the hose in a tough Polypropylene UV stabilised case

All of the relevant fittings you will need are included in the kit, tap connectors, hose attachments, a feeder hose and adjustable spray nozzle.


  • 180 degree turn on the wall mount
  • Auto hose rewind feature (no excuse not to to put the hose away after each use!) 
  • Durable and high quality hose pipe, plastic accessories and outer case
  • 2m feeder hose included – so you don’t loose length from your actual hose
  • Available in 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m lengths


  • Quite a bit more expensive than standard hoses
  • Has to be wall mounted. (If you are not a confident DIYer this hose if not for you.)
  • The auto wind feature can and probably will wear out eventually – it depends on usage, how carefully it is treated etc. 
  • It is heavy to start with and even heavier when it is full of water, so it needs to be very well secured to the wall
  • Thinner hose diameter than the standard Hozelock hosepipe thickness.


Weight: Around 10kg for the 30m length kit.
Size 65 x 54 x 26.2 cm
Length: Available in 10m / 20m / 30m / 40m lengths.
Guarantee: 5 years

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5. Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Hose

This extendable hose is super lightweight and much more well built that some of the other, cheaper magic hoses available on the market.

It comes with brass fittings, an 8 function spray gun and all of necessary connectors so you can simply open it, clip it on and get going straight away.

Available in 15 metre (50ft), 23 metre (75ft) and 30 metre (100ft) lengths.

This expandable hose is more expensive than other expandable hoses on the market, but it was been recently redesigned, correcting the mistakes of other weaker and lower quality hoses.

The fittings are stronger, it can stand higher pressure up to 12 bar, and a water temperature of up to 45 Celsius. The material is also more durable and longer lasting and it can be used as a feeder hose for a pressure washer.

When you hold it, it doesn’t feel flimsy or basic. It feels high quality and like it was built to last for longer than just one summer, like some of the other hoses I have tried.

The smallest size of Flexi Hose pipe extends to up to 15m / 50ft when in use making it the perfect length for general garden and car washing use.

But for a little more money, you can also purchase a 75ft or a 100ft hose depending on your needs.

The pipe contracts to an impressively small bundle which can neatly be stored in a box, bucket or other small container.
I love the lightweight design, making it perfect for people who struggle to carry a traditional heavy bulky hose pipe.


  • Well built magic hose pipe.
  • Multifunction spray gun
  • Lightweight and manageable (no manual winding onto a stand – just throw it into a bucket if you want to keep it together)
  • Doesn’t kink
  • Tougher and smoother outer fabric, less likely to snag on spiky or sharp things.
  • Lifetime guarantee – their customer service is very good.


  • Water flow is controlled by the tap not the hand held gun.
  • Lower pressure than standard (non expanding) hoses like Hozelock.

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6. Hozelock Compact Reel 15m / 30m

The Hozelock compact reel is a long lasting, robust, great all round hose.

This is actually the hose pipe we have set up in our garden right now, so I have used this one quite a few times.

The outer case has a robust feel. (The heavy weight plastic feels tougher and more durable than other compact wind up hose pipes.)

This hose can be used as a free standing hosepipe reel and carried with the inbuilt handle. Or it can be mounted to a wall. – Ours if floor standing to we can move it around.

It is heavier than you might expect, which is a downside for carrying it around. But this weight is also a positive when it comes to pulling the hose from the reel.

The weight of the hose on the reel means it stays put and when you pull on the hose, it unwinds smoothly without the whole frame dragging across the ground.


  • Long lasting, well built hosepipe, nozzle and connectors
  • Hose reel unwinds smoothly and does not drag along the ground.
  • The casing around the hose gives added protection from wear and tear throughout the year.
  • Affordable, when you compare how many years it will last to an expandable hose pipe.
  • Comes with a feeder hose kit and connectors, so you don’t need to do a DIY job on your new hosepipe.


  • Heavier than you would expect, from a slim hosepipe and plastic frame.
  • Awkward shape to carry around when the hose is on the reel.
  • Seems quite prone to kinking, every time I use it, the water flow will stop a few times because of a kink.


Weight Approx 5kg
Size 36.6 x 22.4 x 38.2 cm on the reel.
Length: Available in 15m / 30m lengths.

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7. Gardena Wall-Mounted / Garden Box Hose Pipe

The Gardena auto roll up is the most premium hose on my list.

It is very similar to the Hoselock Auto-Reel – So why the higher price?

It is certainly robust, with a hardwearing outer case and sturdy wall mount bracket included.

The hose is available with lengths of 15m, 25m, 30m and 35m to suit all sizes of garden. If the hose was any longer than 35m it would become too heavy to be wall mounted.

It features its own unique version of the ‘auto reel’ which makes it SO easy to put this hose pipe away.

No more bending, winding or dirty hands!

Inside the box you will also fins an adjustable spray nozzle, tap connectors a standard hose connector with Gardena system fittings. (Compatible with all standard fittings and Hozelock fittings.)

The hose is made of high quality and durable materials and is 13mm / 1/2” diameter, this ensures a high water flow. When pulling the hose out to use, it is easily withdrawn in short intervals of 50cm.

So again, no fighting to hold the tension!
In the same way as the Hozelock one, a simple pull of the hose means it will easily retract the hose and rewind it neatly onto the reel.
The wall bracket has a 180 degree swivel, for easy reach of the whole garden and space saving as the hose box can be pushed flat against the wall between uses.

The whole unit lifts easily off the wall for winter frost free storage.

If you like the idea of the Gardena self retracting hose but don’t wan’t to wall mount the hose Gardena have released a hose which solves this problem.

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Gardena Garden Hose Box

The Gardena Hose Box has all the same excellent features as the wall mounted version above, but sits on a post which you screw into the ground for stability.

The two biggest advantages to this are that this swivelling post gives your 360° rotation for easy watering.

The second biggest advantage is that you don’t need to wall mount it – this saves lifting the very heavy box onto the wall bracket, it is much easier to set up this way.

If you have ever used this brand before you will know they are reliable and stand the test of time.

This version of the Gardena self wind hose is actually frost resistant and can be left outside all year round if you wish to do so.

The colours have been updated and the whole design of Gardena products is much more modern and streamlined than the chunky plastic green and dark grey before.

With this hose, you are paying a premium price and getting an excellent quality product.

Every element speaks of quality and luxury. The materials feel beautiful and of premium quality, so yes, it is expensive but, overall and in the long run, totally worth it to me if you can afford it.

Much better to buy one hose that is going to last years and years, vs many £20 hoses over those same years.


  • High quality and long lasting
  • Auto reel winds in the hose after use without any manual winding – tidying the hose away is no longer a chore
  • High power water flow and extra length of feeder hose pipe included
  • Streamlined contemporary design, doesn’t look ugly in the garden.


  • Most expensive hose pipe
  • Heavy and awkward unit, set up takes a bit of work initially.
  • Must be wall mounted to use, you need to be confident at DIY to get the bracket on the wall, or ask someone to do it for you.


Weight Around 10kg
Length: Available in 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 35m lengths.

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8. Hozelock Pico Reel Compact 10m Hose

This is the perfect all in one hosepipe for small to medium sized gardens.

It works like a hand held wind out extension lead.

This Hozelock set comes with everything you need to get watering. Including the tap connector.

(Just check that your outside tap is compatible.)

If you are using an inside tap – your kitchen tap for example, you may be better to get the ‘Pico hose reel bundle’ which includes the adaptor to use on other styles of taps if you don’t have a regular outdoor tap.

(You can see this Pico Hose Reel bundle here on Amazon for just a few pounds more than the standard kit.)

Why is the Pico Reel better suited to me than other Hozelock hosepipes?

If you have limited storage space for your garden tools, or if you have a fairly small to medium garden space. – There is no point in lugging around a huge 30 metre heavy hosepipe and stand if you don’t need to.

Best Hose Top Tip

Remember, although the hose length may only be 10metres, the jet spray of water will actually reach further than 10metres if you angle the spray nozzle, giving you more reach.

Hozelock Pico Reel has been expertly designed specifically for gardeners with patios, balconies, and small garden spaces.

The Pico is ideal if you struggle to lift heavy objects, it can be held whilst in use, by the convenient handle, as it is not very heavy. Or it can be placed on the ground by the tap and unwound to the length needed.

The Pico reel is nice as it comes with the Hozelock spray gun, which is easier to hold, grip and to use than the standard nozzle that comes with the Hozelock starter set.

The hosepipe itself is the thinner diameter style of hosepipe which is used by Hozelock on the Auto Reel hose.

The thinner diameter of hose means it is more compact and easier to wind up with the triangular wind up handle (just like winding up and extension lead). However, the thinner tubing does not mean less water pressure. Having seen both the regular thickness of diameter on the standard starter set and thinner diameter of the auto reel, there is little to no difference in water pressure when the hose in in use.


  • Lightweight, easy to hold and carry using the built in handle. Can be carried around the garden when in use or left in one spot.
  • Easy to wind up, the built in handle means you can hold the lightweight casing with one hand and wind the hose back up with the other hand.  – No more excuses for leaving the hose out lying all over the ground!
  • Great for storing in garages and sheds, it is lightweight so can be stored on a bench or shelf and won’t take up a lot of room.
  • Comes with the Hozelock spray gun as standard, which is more comfortable in the hand, more ergonomic and more advanced than the standard nozzle connector.


  •  The are not really many at all. One thing is that the hose only comes in one length of 10 metres. You have no choice to buy a longer or shorter hose.
  • Winding up the Pico hose by hand is okay when the hosepipe is clean, but if there are bits of wet grass and dirt stuck to the hosepipe, the are likely to flick out onto your hands when winding the hose up.


  • 10m length
  • 2.6kg lightweight
  • Pico reel dimensions: 32.8cm x 26.7cm x 15cm
  • Push fit connector
  • Can be bought as a bundle which includes the indoor tap convertor

See Price on Amazon

9. Kärcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel

A tidy, compact and robust garden hose pipe for the average sized garden.

The Kärcher HR7.320 comes with a 15m ‘Primo Flex hose’ which is a material made from 3 unique layers.

Inside is a woven pressure resistant reinforced layer, coated in an opaque middle layer to prevent algae formation in the hose and an outer layer, made of a weather resistant, UV protective material.

The hose is wound onto a neat little stand which sits inside an outer plastic unit which is wall mountable.

The hose pipe can be used straight from the wall mounted unit like many other hosepipes of a similar price range. Alternatively, the stand that the hose is wound onto can be easily lifted out and carried into the garden or to the area of work.

There is a nifty little built in compartment for storing hose accessories in the main outer unit. You can also clip the onto the bottom of the unit, to have quick access.

If the storage compartment is full, there are accessory holders attached below the unit to hang bulky accessories.

(No more hunting for hose accessories that have gotten lost somewhere in the shed. I love it when a design is well thought through.)

It also comes with 3 universal free flow connectors, 1 aqua stop connector and a tap adaptor to ensure that it will be easy to integrate into your home.

My favourite part is that when you unhook the tripod reel part from the wall mount, you have a free standing reel stand that you can wind the hose onto and carry around the garden. (The the Hozelock Pico.)

Practical: Space-saving hose storage with removable drum.


  • Easy to mount onto the wall
  • Heavy duty, built to last with a high quality hosepipe
  • Extra storage built in underneath to hide and protect awkward attachments
  • Compact design
  • Power washer compatible


  • More expensive for less hose length
  • A little awkward to wind back up neatly when sitting in the wall mount, but honestly, its easier tuning the handle at waist height than trying to bend to the ground to reel it in.


Weight 5.85kg
Size H51, W46, D29cm
Length 25m / 82 ft
Guarantee: 2 years

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10. Hozelock Hose With Assembled Cart

The Hozelock Hose Cart comes pre assembled, so all you need to do is connect to your tap and you’re ready to go.

The drum which holds the hosepipe is large enough to hold up to 60m of hose, so you can buy a connector and add more hose length in the future if you want to.

You can also purchase just the cart on its own, which makes it a good purchase if you already have a Hozelock starter kit hose and no reel.

The actual hose length can be bought in different lengths, including 20m, 30m and 50m.

This Hozelock hose cart has large wheels and a steel axle. Pulling the cart is easy thanks to the large wheels. The cart is very stable because it has a wide stance and low centre of gravity.

The winding handle is easy to hold which makes winding up the hose easy, sometimes you may need to place your foot on the frame of the cart to steady it as you wind the hose back on.

Why would this Hozelock hose suit my needs?

The Hozelock hose cart would be absolutely perfect for you if you have a large or very large garden perhaps with multiple taps.

Or if your garden tap is quite far away from where you plan to store the hose, this Hozelock cart would be ideal for ease of transporting as it has wheels.

The wheels and stand will allow you to transport the whole unit easily without struggling to carry a heavy unit.


  • You never have to pick the cart up, like with standard reel stands. You simply grab the handle and wheel it to wherever you need.
  • Neat and tidy, the hose nozzle end clips onto the frame to keep everything together.
  • Large wheels make pulling the cart across grass easy.
  • Can be used with larger hoses, if you decide to buy a longer hose, the frame will be able to hold it.
  • Unit is ready built, some Hozelock hoses require some set up, this one doesn’t.
  • Connectors / tap connector / hose nozzle included.


  • Large and bulky, if you have a small shed or storage area, this hose set may not be for you.
  • The hozelock cart set does not come with a separate piece of hose to use as the connecting feed which supplies water to the hose on the reel from the tap. You will have to cut a section of your old hosepipe or a small section of the new hosepipe to act as the feeder pipe.
    A little awkward to reel the hose back it. Although the stand is heavy and robust, the winding mechanism is quite powerful, so you will likely need to steady the stand with your foot whilst winding in the hose.


  • 30m of hose (also available in 20m and 50m.)
  • Prebuilt cart
  • Connectors included
  • Size of reel drum: 58.3cm x 50cm x 45cm
  • Weight: Around 7kg

See Price on Amazon

11. Gardena Classic Hose Reel Set

Gardena 2687-20 15 m Hose Reel Set - Orange

A durable and long lasting hosepipe for a reasonable price.

So how does it differ from the other major leading brand Hozelock?
Gardena standard hoses are slightly thinner than Hozelock, which makes them a little more easy to handle; they are lighter and easier to wind in manually as they’re a bit less stiff.

This does not affect the water power as long as you have a good water pressure.

We really like the ergonomic non slip handle on the easy wind stand.

This hosepipe comes with everything you need.

The set includes an adjustable spray nozzle and a choice of hose lengths. The reel is included and is easy to carry as it’s made of a strong but lightweight plastic.

Gardena hoses are available in 10m, 15m, 20m, 50m and 60m lengths to suit every garden.

Whilst the 10 metre and 20 metre hose lengths come as a set with the carry along floor standing reel, the larger hoses are bought separately and you can choose to buy a wall mounted reel or a pull along trolley reel.

The triangle shaped floor standing reel is one of the better ones as is not too heavy to pick up but is also cleverly designed as a triangle so the water will still flow even if it tips up if you pull it too hard.

How annoying is it when you pull the hose on a standard reel and it tumbles forward kinking the pipe and stopping the water flow. Instead of having to go back to the reel to stand it up again, the Gardena one will just fall onto its third leg and allow you to continue using it.

The reel also has a low centre of gravity, meaning it will be less likely to fall over in the first place.

I also like the fact the winding handle tucks away when not in use. Not very pleasant when you catch your ankle on a hose reel handle that is sticking out awkwardly all the time.


  • Affordable and practical
  • Looks smart with unique orange, grey and blue design
  • Spray heads included
  • Well design reel and stand, allows you to keep using it even if it tumbles over.
  • Fairly light to carry thanks to plastic structure.


  • Larger hose sizes (30m plus) do not come with a stand, this is an additional cost to buying the hose.
  • No spray gun, only a nozzle, which is fine for many people, but some people just prefer the spray gun.

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Best Hose Pipe – Luxury

Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m Hose

It has to be the Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m Hose.

The auto rewind feature is just brilliant.

As is the quality you can expect to receive with a Hozelock hose pipe.

We love the multitude of Hozelock accessories available and the fact there is rarely ever a problem for anyone with the tap connectors.

The hose has all the extra weather and UV protection you will need and the outer unit helps to increase the life of your new hose.
With a 180 swivel, this also makes awkward garden shapes easier, with no frustrating ‘tipping up’ of a floor stand.

We love everything about this hose and think you will too.

It certainly is an investment well made, the longevity of use and the hassle free practicality of it makes it the perfect wall mounted luxury hosepipe.

Best Budget Hose Pipe

My pick goes to the Flexi Hose Expandable Hose

It is much more well built than some of the other magic hoses on the market, will last long and will do a grand job!

(Whilst not breaking the bank.)

Unfortunately it has received some negative feedback over the years but this is FAR outweighed by a vast majority of positive reviews. The sellers are also keen to make there customers happy and will of course help you out if you do encounter a problem with your magic hose.

I love the ease of storage for this hose, it can literally be placed into a bucket or adorable crate and not look unsightly.
Also we really like the fact it is super lightweight, there is nothing worse than lugging a hosepipe stand around the garden that weighs more than the average dog.

Great for the average sized garden with 50ft of hose pipe – (which shrinks back to a small and neat crinkly pile when you’re done!) But if you have a bigger garden, there is always a 75ft and 100ft version.

A great all rounder at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong!