Hozelock Auto Reel Review – My Favourite Hose Reel!

The hose pipe that puts itself away automatically.  Hozelock Auto Reel Hosepipe
The key feature of the Auto Reel Hose pipe from Hozelock is that with a gentle pull, the hosepipe automatically reels itself back into its case.
No more frustrating manual winding.
No struggling to bend over to turn a winding handle.
You don’t even have to worry about trying to wind the hose back up evenly.
The unit has a mechanism that winds the hose back on perfectly every time, without knots or tangles.
No matter where you are standing in your garden.
The ‘Auto-reel’ is a patented technology by Hozelock.
It really works and completely justifies the higher than average price tag for this hosepipe.
The Hozelock Autoreel really is an awesome, user friendly and long lasting investment.
Read on to pull apart the details and read our honest review.

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What is the Hozelock Auto Reel? 

  • The Hozelock Auto Reel is a wall mounted hosepipe in a hard and strong plastic casing.
  • It has a unique and patented automatic rewind mechanism which means there is no effort required in putting the hose away each time you use it.
  • The auto reel is available as a 10m, 20m, 30m or 40m length of hose. (The plastic outer casing is sized accordingly.)
  • Everything you need to get set up and the hosepipe working is included (no need to cut feeder lengths of hose).
  • It features a convenient child lock.
  • The unit has to be wall mounted but can easily be lifted off in one move.
  • There is space for a padlock to secure the hose to your wall whilst you’re away.
  • You never need to hold the hosepipe taught to stop it recoiling.

Key Features of the Auto Reel

 hozelock auto reel nozzle
Super Easy to Use.
To use the hose pipe, you literally pull the end of the hose to as long as you need.
The reels mechanism automatically holds the chosen length of hose, so you do not have to hold the hose taught to use it.
When you are finished, a gentle pull and release of the hose tells the reel to automatically wind the hose back up for you.
No more struggling or leaving the hose on the ground for the whole of Summer!
(For those of you imagining an uncontrollably flailing rewinding hosepipe in your garden.)
Don’t worry!
The mechanism has an auto brake, ensuring a controlled and layered rewinding of the hose every time.
The wall bracket is robust and allows the Auto reel hose to pivot 180-degrees.
This makes it much easier to reach all parts of your garden without worrying about having to pull harder on the hose to turn a corner.
Check out this installation video which shows just how easy it is:

Hozelock benefits

As with all Hozelock products, they offer weather protection by using a UV stabilised Polypropylene heavy duty plastic for the hose casing.
This extends the life of your hose and offers protection from the sun.
The whole unit can also easily removed from the wall bracket to store it safely throughout the winter.
There is an integrated padlock function to prevent theft too, for when the hose is out during the Summer months.
Child lock – discreet and very useful!!
Easily locks to prevent the hose being pulled out by children and played with.
(The auto reel is a huge novelty, even for adults!)

Specially Designed Hosepipe
When you think of a hosepipe, they often are of a similar thickness and much alike. The Hozelock auto reel hose pipe is slightly thinner than your average hose, this is not at all something to be put off by as the water pressure is still excellent. The thinner pipe has been specially designed for the auto reel as it doesn’t kink and winds easier into the wall unit.
The hose pipe is made of the standard high quality Hozelock three outer protective layers, including weather and UV protection with an anti-kink design.
 Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m Hose

What is included?
  • Everything you need to get set up.
  • Tap connectors
  • Hose attatchments including adjustable spray nozzle
  • Feeder hose (this connects your outside tap to the hose unit.) The feeder hose supplied is 2m long, so should suit most needs.
  • Wall bracket and fittings (screws and wall plugs are provided and are suitable for brick, concrete and stone.)

Guarantee & Extras

Hozelock offer a 5 year guarantee (you need to register online).

The adjustable spray nozzle that is provided is very good and does a grand job of fulfilling most watering needs.
There are of course, a vast array of unique spray guns and nozzles if you have more specific requirements.
(You may have difficulty operating a twist nozzle and prefer a gun with a trigger for example.)
These can all be used with the Auto reel hose.
One extra that could be very useful if you have a front garden and a back garden, is one or two universal hose guides.
These are attached to the corners of your property and allow the hose to easily pass through the guide rollers and turn a corner with ease.
This stops the hosepipe snagging or even getting stuck or worn on corners of houses.

Top reasons why this hose is the best
  1. Makes using a hosepipe and putting it away a doddle. Every minute counts when you live in a busy household!
  2. You can easily remove the unit from the wall for winter storage.
  3. Hozelock have included safety features like the ability to padlock the unit to deter theft and a convenient child lock.

Auto reel negatives
  1. It is more expensive than most other hoses for the same length of hose. The premium price is for the convenience of the auto reel feature.
  2. It is more difficult to set up than regular hoses, you need a little knowledge and confidence in drilling holes to be able to securely attach the bracket to the wall.
  3. You can’t really use it anywhere other than in your garden. Its not really possible as you need to wall mounted bracket in order to use the hose.

Honest review

The Auto reel Hozelock hosepipe is an absolutely brilliant hosepipe.
If you are looking for a hose to use in your garden with minimal fuss or perhaps you are looking for the easiest hosepipe to use.
It is ideal for elderly parents or someone who would struggle with having to manually move a heavy hosepipe reel and wind it up after use.
The hosepipe kit comes with everything you need.
So there is no need to worry about finding suitable screws or cutting a length of feeder hose.

Setting the Hose Up

As for setting up, this is going to take a little patience and basic DIY knowledge.
If you’re not confident in drilling into walls, to attach the bracket, best to book a friend or relative in to lend a hand.
You also need to be able to lift the unit up to attach it to the wall bracket.
As a guide – the 30m hose length and the plastic casing weigh 14kg.
Have a think about the length of hose you actually need.
Its great that this hose can now be bought in 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m lengths to suit all needs.


Don’t ‘over buy’ the length of hose you actually need for your garden. Think about how far the water sprays with the hose fully extended. You may be able to get a smaller hose and save yourself some money!

Attatching Accessories Like Karcher Pressure Washer

If you are wanting a hose to use every gadget going with: (including pressure washers, sprinklers, etc).
You might benefit more from a standard hosepipe with basic features – one with a full diameter hose size for maximum water pressure.
This is not to say that the Auto Reel can’t be used used with accessories like sprinklers, pressure washer and other add ons.
But the nature of the Auto Reel means that the hose is slighter thinner than regular hoses.
Also, if you accidentally pull the hose whilst using our pressure washer, the hose might start winding in.
(This could get annoying.)

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Auto Reel

As you know, the hose is encased in the plastic unit.
It is probably a good idea to keep an eye on any dirt or debris that finds itself attached to your hose.
Otherwise it is going to end up inside the casing.
This could potentially clog up and interfere with the winding feature.
There really isn’t much else you need to do to care for this hose pipe.
Lift the whole swivel unit off the wall to store in the shed for winter.
Job done.
The hosepipe has a sleek design finish with a soft grey colour, it looks robust and heavy duty enough for a large family garden, whilst being discreet enough to not stand out and take up too much space on your wall thanks to the the slimmer, space saving hosepipe.
Yes, this hose pipe is more expensive than other hoses..
.. And you need a bit of time and patience to set it up.
But once it is in place, you never have to manually wind up a long, heavy and wet hosepipe again.
No more water dripping all over you feet.
You will most likely agree that your Hozelock hosepipe was worth every extra penny!
If you are someone who enjoys the garden with minimal effort required, this hose is certainly is certainly perfect for that.
No fuss, neat, tidy and effective.
We seriously rate this hosepipe and only wish that all hoses had the auto reel feature!

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