How much water does a pressure washer use?

Bosch AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer

Are you considering buying a pressure washer and are concerned about water usage, do you think that you might use a great deal more than a few buckets full for the weekly car wash? Maybe you are concerned for the environment, or you might have a water meter fitted and want the best way to … Read more

Is Hozelock Compatible with Gardena?

Good news! Yes, Gardena and Hozelock are cross compatible with one another. This means if you own a Hozelock hose and wish to buy Gardena accessories to fit it, or vice versa, you can do so without risk of them not fitting. Sometimes a great way to save money is by purchasing items cheap in … Read more

Hozelock Auto Reel Review – My Favourite Hose Reel!

Hozelock Auto Reel Hosepipe

The hose pipe that puts itself away automatically.   The key feature of the Auto Reel Hose pipe from Hozelock is that with a gentle pull, the hosepipe automatically reels itself back into its case. No more frustrating manual winding. No struggling to bend over to turn a winding handle. You don’t even have to … Read more

Xhose Review (Is this the worst hose pipe ever made?)


I have been the proud owner of not just one, but two Xhose hose pipes. When these were first out and sold, there wasn’t really much else you could buy like it – but since then plenty of alternative “magic” hosepipes have appeared on the market. (Like these ones on Amazon) I was excited getting … Read more

Why is my Lawn Yellow?

Yellow Lawn after being cut when too long

Why is my lawn yellow? A question I have asked myself many times (and for different reasons!) The answer to the question could be a few different things: Lack of water The obvious reason! A rare occurance in the UK – sometimes we can have periods of warmer weather when there is very little rainfall. … Read more

Can Xhose be used with Pressure Washer?


Can Xhose be used with Pressure Washer? Yes and no… The manufacturers guidelines stipulate that you shouldn’t use the XHose product with a pressure washer. However, many people online have reported that they have used their Xhose with a pressure washer without any problems! A few have said that the hose “exploded” or came detached … Read more

Are Garden Hoses Recyclable?

Are Garden Hoses Reyclable

Are Garden Hoses Reyclable? The short answer is no, they aren’t! In fact, if you try to recycle your garden hose you may end up causing some serious damage.  A garden hose can clog recycling machinery by wrapping around various cogs and mechanisms. They are made of semi-recyclable materials, but the overall composition and structure … Read more

Garden Design – Best Ground Surface Ideas For Your Garden

Gravel in a big garden

Ideas for Ground Areas in Gardens Patio Area Perfect for dining outside on a an outdoor dining table and chairs. Sit securely on string and durable slabs. A beautiful and neat patio area can really set off the garden line the edges with pots of a pretty fence and you can create a segregated and … Read more