Best Watering Can 2023

Every home needs a watering can, whether for outdoor watering alongside the use of a hose (or instead of one) and for indoor watering of your house plants.

Whether you’re looking for a watering can for yourself or trying to find the perfect present for an avid gardener, we have rounded up the 9 best watering cans on the market.

Covering both indoor and outdoor watering cans and including budget and more premium watering cans to suit everyone. 

1.The Haws Professional Deluxe 7 Litre ‘Cradley Deluxe’ Watering Can


Haws Deluxe 7-Litre Outdoor Watering Can, Green Review



The Haws deluxe watering can is certainly favoured amongst pro gardeners (and with good reason.)

We were lucky enough to be given the green version of the Haws 7 litre watering can as a gift years ago.

It has been used many, many times, has rolled around the ground after being knocked over, dropped, moved house and it is still standing strong.

After all this watering can abuse, the Haws emblem badge is still intact and shiny and the watering can is still as good as new, (barring a few scratches and scuffs on the plastic body.)


Haws Deluxe 7-Litre Outdoor Watering Can, Red Review



The brass rose sprinkler is included and produces the finest shower of water, perfect for seeds and delicate flowers.

Seriously, having seen other watering cans, this is by far the finest and most delicate sprinkler rose.

The body of the Haws watering can is made from a fairly heavy, injection moulded plastic, which makes it robust and extremely long lasting.

The weight of the watering can means that it does not blow over in the wind!

We did have a cheaper watering can once, which blew away in a storm, oops.


Haws Deluxe 7-Litre Outdoor Watering Can, Red Brass Rose Fine Watering Can



Key features of the Haws watering can:

  • 7 litre capacity
  • Fine brass sprinkler rose and simple spout pour function
  • Well designed body, easy to hold and pour
  • Anti spill top, to minimise splashes
  • Can be used with one or two hands
  • Doesn’t blow over or away

Negatives about the Haws watering can:

  • Expensive, (it is a much higher price to pay, but will last longer than most watering cans)
  • Heavier than most watering cans



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2. Budget Buy – Ward 6.5 Litre Budget Space Watering Can


Ward GN007WGN 6.5L Budget Space Watering Can with Rose - Green Review


This Ward watering can is designed to be space saving can, it has a slim body, but can still hold 6.5 litres of water. Ideal for storing in a greenhouse or shed.

The simple and wide filling hole makes it easy to align underneath a water butt, (sometimes when turning the water butt tap, the water sprays everywhere before being opened fully.)

The wide neck of this watering can would catch the splashes, meaning dry feet for you!


The Ward watering can is a great budget buy, at under £10 with free delivery you can’t really go wrong if you’re after a cheap and practical watering can.


Key features of the Ward watering can:

    • Good shape / design of can, no water is left in the can after using.
    • Very cheap
    • Comes with a sprinkler rose
    • Easily to fill
    • Lightweight (ideal for elderly people)
    • Slimline small design and shape

    Negatives about the Ward watering can:

    • Feels like very cheap plastic – would be reluctant to fill it to capacity
    • Might blow away in a big gust of wind, it is so light!



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    3. Apollo Gardening 9 Litres Traditional Watering Can


     Apollo Gardening 9L Traditional Galvanised Metal Watering Can Review


    The Apollo Gardening watering can has a unique vintage style, and would double as a nice garden ornament when it is not being used.

    The body is made from galvanised steel, and there are two handles to spread the weight of the water.

    This is one of the larger watering cans at 9 litres, you need to be pretty strong to hold this watering can when it is full. But on the plus side, this does also mean less trips back to the tap or water butt for refilling.

    Apollo added an attractive screw on sprinkler rose in a contrasting gold colour to complete the look.


    Apollo Gardening 9 Litres Traditional Watering Can Metal Can Review


    Key features of the Apollo watering can:

      • Attractive vintage design
      • Galvanised steel – will not rust
      • Fine sprinkler hose included
      • Easy to fill – large hole on top
      • Not too heavy – considering it is made of steel


      Negatives about the Apollo watering can:

      • Requires strength to carry it when full
      • Large and awkward to carry
      • Wont last as long as a moulded plastic one



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        4. Prosperplast 14 Litre Watering Can


        14L Green Plastic Watering Can w/ Black Rose Head For Veg Patches & Large Plants Prosperplast watering can review.


        The Prosperplast watering can is the largest capacity watering can for the least amount of money. It is really affordable and made to last.

        Whilst this watering can might not be the most attractive watering can on the market, it definitely gets the job done.

        The moulded plastic makes it strong and durable in all weathers and the handle is a continuous loop so that it can be help in any position – whatever is most comfortable to you.

        The large sprinkler attachment works pretty well and it detachable for watering different plants. As watering can roses go, this one is pretty temperamental and if you catch it on a bush whilst walking past, it is liable to snag and fall off – annoying.

        The Prosperplast holds a whopping 14 litres of water, the largest amount of all the watering cans. This is going to be heavy to carry, so unless you are strong, don’t get a watering can that is too big and that you won’t be able to use easily.

        When it comes to filling this 14 litre watering can, the hole is a little bit inconvenient, as the handle partially blocks the filling hole. (This is a design flaw of many plastic moulded watering cans, and can’t be helped because the handle is part of the structure and the strength that makes the watering can able to hold a large capacity of water.)


        Key features of the Prosperplast watering can:

        • Very large capacity
        • Easy to hold handle
        • Very cheap to buy
        • Light when empty, lightweight plastic moulded body


        Negatives about the Posperplast watering can:

        • Heavy when full – large capacity
        • Rose can fall off easily
        • Awkward to fill watering can without splashing water everywhere
        • Feels a bit cheap – thin plastic



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        5. Haws Professional Metal Galvanised 1 Gallon Long Reach Watering Can – ‘The Warley Fall’

        This is only long reach watering can you need. It is the most expensive one on our list, but also the most premium and long lasting, with a 10 year guarantee.

        The long reach Haws can hold 4.5 litres of water and feels extremely easy to carry and to use.

        Perfect for hanging baskets, pots and other hard to reach areas (where you may struggle with a large and cumbersome regular watering can.)

        The brass rose on this Haws can is a fine brass oval, meaning a more direct sprinkle of water, so you won’t splash water all over your feet when watering the hanging baskets.

        The neck opening for filling this Haws can is high up and more smaller than on other watering cans – so you have less chance of spilling water everywhere when reaching hard to get to places.

        Some ‘long reach’ watering cans hold hardly any water and are more like the size of indoor watering cans, however, the Haws one holds 54.5 litres, so you can carry and use it for a good distance around the garden before running out of water.

        It is galvanised metal, so will last a long time and has extra strength to cope with weight of the water.

        Key features of the Haws long reach watering can:

        • Long watering arm for hard to reach places, like the back of borders, directly to the base of pots or for hanging baskets
        • Small neck filling hole, means less spillage when reaching
        • Easy to fill – no handle in the way
        • Holds a good amount of water – 4.5 litres
        • Much higher quality that other brands of watering can – feels extremely robust yet lightweight considering it is metal.

        Negatives about the Haws long reach watering can:

        • More expensive than other long reach watering cans (because it is more high quality)
        • Doesn’t have the shiny ‘Haws’ badge on the side of the can. just the smaller one on the top of the can.

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        6. Stewart 10 Litre Watering Can


        Stewart 2464003V2 10 Litre Essential Watering Can - Red Review


        Stewart make their 10 litre plastic watering can in at least four colours; red, green, pink and blue. It is a simple and no frills watering can that gets the job done.

        Very cheap (the green version is actually so cheap that it is an add-on item on Amazon, which means that if you buy it alongside other products of your choice and spend £20, you get free shipping.)

        (The other colour variations all have free shipping included in the price.)

        The handle on the Stewart watering can is easy to hold as it is a continuous handle that curves around the watering can.

        Unfortunately there is the common problem of it being awkward to fill, especially from a water butt.

        (You couldn’t easily just stand the watering can under a running tap without risk of water splashing everywhere.)
        For its size, the Stewart watering can is extremely light, (not great on windy days when the can is empty), but this also means that even with 10 litres of water inside, it doesn’t feel as heavy as some other watering cans.


        Stewart 10 Litre Watering Can Blue Review


        Key features of the Stewart watering can:

          • Lightweight and easy to hold
          • Large capacity of 10 litres
          • Detachable sprinkler rose included
          • Cheap and cheerful
          • Available in different colours to go with your garden
          • Pretty robust – feels higher quality than some of the other cheap moulded watering cans available


          Negatives about the Stewart watering can:

          • Sprinkler rose is quite fast flowing, whilst this is good if you are impatient, it is bad for seedings as they are likely to get drowned
          • Awkward to fill – handle in the way
          • Big and cumbersome (large capacity)



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            7. Haws 700ml Indoor Watering Can – Duck Egg Blue / Yellow / Red / Classic Green

            Isn’t this just the most adorable little watering can! Love that Haws have released loads of different colours of this indoor watering can, including baby blue, dark blue, dark green, red, pink, purple, red and more!

            We have the red one and it sits proudly on the shelf at home waiting to be used to feed and water our house plants.

            It is incredibly easy to use and holds a good amount of water, enough for all of our house plants! Quick to fill from the tap and easy to empty when finished.

            Amazingly, these lovely little Haws watering cans seem to have come down in price over the last few years and now do not cost much more than few pounds more than your average supermarket own brand watering can.

            It even holds the lovely little shiny Haws emblem badge to complete the look.
            The sprinkler rose is made of brass and clips onto the end of the spout, this watering can gives a very accurate pour or sprinkle, the rose gives a perfectly fine sprinkle so as not to drown delicate things like new seeds.

            Accuracy is paramount with an indoor watering can, you do not water dripping on your lovely wooden table, floor, fabrics, electrics or anything else for that matter. This ‘mini me’ Haws watering can certainly doesn’t disappoint.

            Key features of the Haws watering can:

            • Cute mini version of the full sized classic Haws watering can
            • Holds enough water to water lots of house plants
            • Accurate pouring and delicate neat sprinkler, no leakage or drips
            • Easy to fill and to empty
            • Complete with mini Haws gold emblem badge
            • Available in lots of colours – perfect for gifting!

            Negatives about te Haws watering can:

            • No peg to put the sprinkler rose onto when not in use on some models (not a huge deal)
            • Awkward shape to store, doesn’t fit into a drawer or cupboard well

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            8. Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can 0.7L Thin Spout

            This Burgon and Ball indoor watering can is as much as a show off ornamental item as your prized houseplants themselves.

            When I saw it, I felt it was so unique that I just had to include it. Such a beautiful design and finish for something so useful and practical.

            The metallic grey finish and contrasting wooden handle make it look like a designer object, custom made straight out of Harrods!

            The downside to this watering can is that it is more expensive than other similar watering cans. But the good news is that it would be a memorable and long lasting purchase.

            If you’re looking for the next statement piece for you home or looking for a luxurious present for a keen plant grower, this may just be the perfect gift!

            I love this watering can!

            It has that high quality feel of a Haws product and has an exceptionally fine sprinkle, with a long neck, making it perfect for watering bonsais, cacti and delicate seedlings.

            Key features of the Burgon & Ball watering can:

            • Excellent design and craftsmanship
            • Perfect luxury gift
            • Great pouring motion, with thin and fine head, perfect for getting in between branches
            • Easy to keep looking perfect, unlike brass or copper finishes which quickly dull.

            Negatives about the Burgon & Ball watering can:

            • More expensive than other indoor watering cans
            • Takes a bit of getting used to the different pouring action. – The water balance and the spout means the water comes out slightly differently to standard watering cans.

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            9. Fallen Fruits 1 Litre Indoor Watering Can



            Fallen Fruits 1 Litre Watering Can Review



            The Fallen Fruits watering can is like a budget version of the Haws copper handmade watering can. Except this one looks like it comes from a high end designer retailer.

            The elegant and simple sleek design with shiny finish make it the perfect indoor watering can that doubles as an ornament.

            This indoor watering can is unique, in that the water is drawn up through the top of the watering can when it is tilted, fed through the handle and finally it comes out of the narrow spout.

            A unique style and design, and if you are a bit of a home accessories geek like me, you may certainly be charmed by this feature.

            This Fallen Fruits watering can holds 1 litre of water, which is probably more than enough for mot households to water all of their house plants. However, if you want something bigger, there is also a 1.5 litre watering can, with similar design features but with subtle differences, the colour and finish is also a shiny stainless steel instead of the rose gold effect one above.

            Both are equally as beautiful, (why not invest in both- one for upstairs and one for downstairs, including the patio – the water capacity is big enough!)



             Fallen Fruits 1.5 Litre Watering Can Review



            Key features of the Fallen Fruits watering can:

            • Unique water feeding design
            • Small spout for precise watering – ideal for small house plants like cacti or a bonsai
            • Shiny metallic finish, makes it the perfect contemporary house ornament that also has a function
            • Cheaper than the similarly designed Haws copper watering can and easier to clean


            Negatives about the Fallen Fruits watering can:

            • The pouring technique takes some getting used to, as the water is poured in a different way to usual watering cans
            • No sprinkler rose, pouring spout only
            • These watering cans would need to be cleaned to remain looking their best, fingerprints would easily show up



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