Best Lawnmower 2023 – Electric and Petrol

Easiest Way to cut the lawn

Every home needs a lawnmower, but choosing the best lawnmower can be a bit of a bore. We have done the hard work for you, breaking down and reviewing the best electric lawnmowers and the best petrol lawnmowers. All thats left for you to do is have a read and pick out the key bits … Read more

How often should I water my lawn?

I look forward to spring and summer nights rolling around each year, not strictly for the reasons you might be imagining. Yes, obviously it’s a lovely treat to sit in the garden with a glass of wine in one hand, my book in the other and relax in the evening sun. But what about the … Read more

Why is my Lawn Yellow?

Yellow Lawn after being cut when too long

Why is my lawn yellow? A question I have asked myself many times (and for different reasons!) The answer to the question could be a few different things: Lack of water The obvious reason! A rare occurance in the UK – sometimes we can have periods of warmer weather when there is very little rainfall. … Read more