Hozelock Fittings – Best Hozelock Hose Attachments

There are a huge range of items to customise and adapt your Hozelock hosepipe.

Some are just ways of expanding the hose pipes abilities, but others can turn your simple hosepipe into a fully functional irrigation machine!

Here are a selection of our favourites and more detailed reviews below:

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro 8 function spray gun with easy trigger and soft grip. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro
  • Price: ££
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • A feature rich garden hose accessory
Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus Controls the watering your garden so you don't have to. Easy to set up water timer. Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus
  • Price: ££
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Requires: 2 x AA Batteries
  • The ultimate garden hose toy! Exceptional!
Hozelock Easy Drip Universal Kit easy watering via drippersHozelock Easy Drip Kit
  • Price: £££
  • Coverage: 10m²
  • Delivers: 0-40 litres per hour
  • Excellent for raised beds
Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap ConnectorHozelock 3 Way Tap Connector
  • Price: ££
  • Connectors: 3
  • Weight: 322g
  • Turn your single tap into 3!

1. Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap ConnectorHozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap Connector

A great little gadget to separate the water from your tap into three individual taps.

Two are a standard hose lock fittings, to use with any Hozelock products.

One acts as a standard tap; to use for filling buckets or watering cans.

Why is it a great little tool?

It’s great because it saves having to remove your hose every time time you want to use the regular tap.

It also enables you to set up water timers for sprinklers or other irrigation systems in conjunction with your regular hose.
It is supplied with multiple tap adaptors so you wont need to buy anything else.

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2. Hozelock Hose Connection SetHozelock Hose Connection Set. Feeder hose pipe for any hose pipe reel.

A 1.5m length of strong and flexible garden hose.

Use this connector hose to attach your hose reel to your garden tap.

It comes with all the necessary connectors and saves you the trouble of making your own feeder pipe.

(Usually you would have to cut a section of feeder hose from your brand new hose.)
It fits 95% of all outdoor taps.

So you won’t need to buy a separate tap adaptor too, (which would be around £5).
Its definitely worth measuring that it will be long enough first.

1.5m is long enough for most garden hose set ups.

Its a great little time saver in setting up you new hose pipe reel.

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3. Hozelock Universal Hose GuideHozelock Universal Hose Guide can be attached to a flat wall or on a corner to protect your hosepipe from corners and from kinking.

Another nifty gadget from Hozelock.

One of those things that at first you think, ‘I really don’t need one of those’.

But after seeing the images of how much easier it makes things, you find yourself thinking ‘ahh, no more kinks or damaging the hose or corner of my wall.’
A simple design and finished in the classic Hozelock grey.

The hose head passes through the middle circle easily and enables you to turn corners easily.

So you don’t have to fight with kinks or knots.

It also saves the hosepipe from getting stuck on a pot.  – Or even worse knocking one over.

The downside?

If you’re using a spray gun as opposed the the standard hose nozzle, you have to detach it the gun before feeding it through.

The other thing to consider is it that the hose guide does stick out from the wall.

Try to place it at a height where it won’t be in the way.  


Place a plant pot directly below the hose guide.

Whatever grows in the pot will disguise the hose guide and remind you it is there in the dark.

(So you don’t trip over it!)

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4. Hozelock 2274 Multi Tap Connector Hozelock 2274 Multi Tap Connector

The perfect little gadget if you need to use your kitchen, bathroom or any other interior tap.

It is designed to fit a wide variety or square, round and mixer taps.

Double check the images first to ensure that your tap looks something like the ones in the pictures.

Check your tap against the measurements.

The tap must stick out horizontally over the sink, with a straight edge along the top of the tap (the flat edge gives the connector something to clamp onto.) If your tap is arched, bent or curved it may not fit. The nozzle on your tap that that water comes out of must be no wider than 34mm and the diameter of the tap arm that sits over the sink must be no larger than 43mm.

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5. Hozelock Hose HangerHozelock Hose Hanger Easy reel and storage of hosepipe

A cheap and cheerful little gadget.

It will save a huge pile of mess in your garden if your hose doesn’t come with reel.

(The starter Hozelock set for example, is just the hose and the connectors and nozzle.)

The hose holder slots onto two screws that you need to drill into the wall.

(It can be removed over winter along with the hose.)

The hose hander can hold up to 30m of 12.5mm hose and can be used with any regular hose, not just Hozelock.

The benefit is no more tangled hose mess on the floor to trip over and no winding of a handle to get the hose back onto a reel.

Hozelock Hose Hanger for loose hosepipe.

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6. Hozelock Hose End Connector PLUS (12.5mm & 15mm)Hozelock Hose End Connector PLUS (12.5mm & 15mm)

There is an excellent range of tap connectors available from Hozelock.

When you buy a new product, the connector to attach to the tap is usually included.

However, occasionally, the end of the feeder hose can suffer a bit of wear and tear.

When detaching the feeder hose regularly it can get banged, knocked or even dropped causing it to crack.

This cheap and cheerful little gadget replaces your hose attachment with no fuss.
It is quite a nice little addition to your hose pipe.

(Even if you haven’t broken your old one.)

This tap connector has soft grips on the sides, so even if you need to remove it will wet hands, you can gip it.

Also, it has a flexible hose-tail, this reduces the stress and tension at the connection point to the tap.

(Which reduces the possibility of the hose kinking, swelling or leaking.)

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7. Hozelock Metal Threaded Connector Pro 3/4 inch for Taps Hozelock Metal Threaded Connector Pro 3/4 inch for Taps

Your outdoor tap may already have one.

(Many houses have one already from the previous owner, they last so long!)
It is one connector, made form nickel plated brass that fits 95% of outdoor taps.

The standard size is 3/4 inch, but this pack also includes a 1/2 inch adaptor to use with older taps.
The adaptor is strong, durable and frost resistant.

This is all you need to get going with your hose.

The beauty of Hozelock fittings is not only that are super reliable, but they also work well with most other brands too.

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8. Hozelock Sensor Controller PlusHozelock Sensor Controller Plus Controls the watering your garden so you don't have to. Easy to set up water timer.

The Hozelock Sensor Controller require minimal effort and takes over watering your garden for you.

It allows you set up your sprinkler(s) or water drip kits and leave the rest to the device!

This clever little gadget has a daylight sensor and auto adjusts to water at sunrise and sunset.

So as not to scorch your grass and plants in the hot daytime sun.

Once you have programmed it for the first time, it will auto adjust to coincide with daylight as the seasons change.

You can select a number of minutes to water

From 2 minutes, right up to 60 minutes!

In order for your to easily adjust to changing weather conditions, you can quickly change the days to water from everyday, to every 2 days, 3 days, every 5 days or once a week.

(The days of the weeks feature is only available with the Sensor Controller Plus version.)

– There is a slightly cheaper standard version that doesn’t allow you to select the days to water.

(This is the only difference between the two devices.)

There us also a convenient ‘water now’ button so you can water for a 60 minute period instantly.

You can press the button again to cancel the 60 minutes for a short burst of watering.

Whats more, it is super easy to install.

The unit takes 2 AA batteries which should last for the whole year, maybe longer.

With the helpful instruction manual, setting up your personal watering schedule is a doddle with no complex programming required.

It can be used on a multi 2 / 3 way tap connector, to give you access to the tap for washing the car/ filling watering cans, or it can be fitted straight to the tap and doesn’t need a tap adaptor to fit. It comes with the same adaptors as the Metal Threaded Connector above.

Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus Water your garden automatically. Water timer with day and night and weather sensors

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9. Hozelock Easy Drip Universal KitHozelock Easy Drip Universal Kit easy watering via drippers

A convenient way to water areas of your garden, pots, raised beds or borders.

Everything you need to water an area of your garden 10m² is included in this kit.
The kit itself is super easy and quick to set up.

With a flexi-hose to adapt to any shape or space.

This hose carries water from your tap to the universal drippers that you position around your garden in a way that suits your layout.
The hose is very durable but also soft.

Which makes piercing or cutting the garden hose much easier than a regular hose.

The kit includes 10 drippers that can be tailored to your garden and deliver water from 0 to 40 litres per hour in the surrounding area.

Each dripper is capable of watering a 1m diameter.

This means you can really make the most of one kit.

If you don’t want a particular dripper water at a specific time, you can simply turn the screw top by hand to reduce the flow to that dripper.
The universal Hozelock system means you can add to your dripper system, making it completely customisable to suit the needs of your garden.
This watering system, and any of the smaller or larger sets can be combined with the use of an automatic water controller, like the one above.

This makes life even easier for you and means you can manage your beautifully healthy garden without even needing to turn the tap on!
Included in the kit is:

  • a pressure reducer, to ensure a gentle water flow
  • 15m of flexi hose
  • 10 drippers
  • 5 sealing clips, (to seal the pierced hole if you wish to move a dripper)
  • 2 end plugs
  • 1 straight connector
  • 1 T-piece, for splitting the water flow into two directions.

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10. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun ProHozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro 8 function spray gun with easy trigger and soft grip.

The final entry in this top 10 Hozelock accessories list is the ultimate in spray guns.

The ‘Multi Spray Gun Pro’ is designed for ease of use, maximum functionality and quality in mind.
It is capable of 7 different spray patterns, a lockable on/off trigger, to save tired fingers.
The body is made of metal (zinc alloy) for extra sturdiness and the gun has a comfortable soft touch.

It has an ergonomically designed outer body and a trigger that is super easy to press.
It isn’t the cheapest, or most expensive spray gun, but has an excellent range of water spray patterns.

Aa quality product built to last and will be with you for a very long time, doing everything you could ever want from a spray gun.

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