10 Best Garden Sprinklers UK 2023 (Tried & Tested)

A garden sprinkler is not something that everyone needs for their garden… .. but they do have a fantastic range of purposes!They are great for the summer holidays where you want to spend time in your garden relaxing. (Not standing up, holding a hose or watering can!) Owning a sprinkler enables you to keep the … Read more

Do Garden Sprinklers Need Electricity?

Gardens need a regular supply of water to ensure they survive and flourish. The best way to maintain healthy and vibrant lawns is with the use of a water sprinkler. They can be targetted in particularly troublesome areas and easily customised to achieve precision flow. When the rain can’t be relied upon, a sprinkler is … Read more

Best Way To Water Your Garden

Best ways to water your garden in the Summer Months.   When to water The best times to water plants is early in the morning, to avoid losing water through evaporation during the warm or hot day. If the days are particularly hot, watering in the evening is also going to be very beneficial as … Read more