Best irrigation System For A Greenhouse

Watering plants, flowers, and vegetables in a greenhouse is necessary to sustain strong and healthy growth.

Constant trips with a spray gun and hose are not only time-consuming but also lead to water wastage.

The best irrigation system for greenhouses results in a healthier growing environment for your crops. Not only do you control the temperature and humidity, but you ensure they get the exact amount of water, when and wherever they need it.

Watering with a standard garden hose uses anywhere between 9 and 30-gallons of water per minute. Not only is this expensive, but a lot of that water goes to waste, i.e. it falls to the ground, unused.

Using an irrigation system in greenhouse targets the exact areas where water is needed, slowly drip-feeding the roots and freeing up time to concentrate on other tasks.

Our reviews of the best irrigation systems for greenhouses discuss in depth the design, ease of installation, quality, and size of each product.

We cover the best of varying styles; including hose systems, drip-feeders with adjustable nozzles, and those having reservoir tanks.

Hozelock 20 Pot Watering Kit

The best way to keep up to 20 pots well-watered, whether they’re in the greenhouse, on a patio, or hanging, is with the Hozelock kit.

Everything is supplied in the box to give total control of your watering regime, even if you’re away from home for any length of time.

Installation is straightforward; the only tool required is a Stanley knife, or scissors if you prefer. Cut the 15m hose at intervals above each pot, and attach the included T-connectors and dripper with the stake.

Sink the dripper into the soil so that the flow goes directly to the root.

Use one of the provided connectors to attach the hose to the outdoor tap. If you want a second feed for occasional hose use, fit an inexpensive double connector above the timer.

The system should take less than an hour to install, and each seal will be reliable and leak-free.

Our favourite feature of the system is the timer. It is simple to operate and has multiple settings that automatically start the water flow at your desired times. It might be once a week or 4-times daily, depending on the needs of your crop.

Go on holiday without concern or having to rely on anyone else.

The timer also houses dusk ’til dawn feature. One twist of the dial ensures the kit irrigates your plants at sunrise and sunset, for whichever predetermined amount of time you set.


  • Easy to operate timer
  • 13- preset programmes
  • Manual use possible
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Compatible with greenhouse, borders, patios, and baskets
  • Runs off 2 ‘C’ batteries


  • The hose is quite difficult to bend.

Hiveseen 45M Micro Drip Irrigation System Kit

You might think that fitting an irrigation system requires a great deal of digging and a modicum of plumbing skills. In the case of the Hiveseen kit, you couldn’t be more wrong.

It requires no tools, other than a pair of scissors, and takes less than an hour to install. In some cases, a lot less.

Let’s begin with our favourite feature; the components. There is so much kit included that you can make multiple configurations, especially as there is 45m of tubing.

There are 10 x orange nozzles for spraying and misting while the 10 x blue nozzles are fully adjustable for dripping.

There are multiple connectors, some T-style, some single, and some double. It is even supplied with a roll of PTFE tape should you require it.

The hose itself is robust, ensuring that the system is leak-free. It is UV and weather-resistant, so not only is it ideal for greenhouse irrigation; it also suits flower beds and vegetable patches.

Fitting it to your tap of choice is a breeze as there are multiple connectors, including a universal fit one. Once secured in place, it is simple to increase or decrease the drip flow by twisting the head. If you prefer to mist into the air and not directly to the root, use the orange nozzles. They are also adjustable with a twist of the head.

There are multiple options, including micro and slow drip, trickle, and steady spray.

The user powers the system by turning the tap on and off. Although not included, it is possible to add a timer to this system. One of our favourites is the Hozelock Automatic Water Timer and is available here;

This is an excellent irrigation system for greenhouses and gardens. It is durable, reliable, and once in situ, will perform well for many years.


  • Fits all taps
  • Multiple components to suit any configuration
  • Includes stakes for drip-feeding and nozzles for misting
  • Extra-long tubes
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • Fully adjustable water flow


  • Can only be manually operated (timer available separately)

Hozelock 25m Porous Soaker Hose

A soaker hose looks like a normal garden hosepipe but is made from a porous material that allows water to seep out gradually.

It is possible to dig the hose into the soil or to place it along the ground in beds and borders to keep thirsty crops refreshed.

If you have large greenhouses, glasshouses, or poly-tunnels, the Hozelock soaker hose is ideal to run through their length to save time and energy on daily watering.

Instead of jets or droplets of water, the material allows it to seep evenly along its length, with the tap on just a half turn.

Our favourite feature is the included connectors to adjoin two hoses to double the length. If you prefer, it is a simple task to cut the hose and join it in a ‘y’ formation, depending on the layout of your greenhouse or garden.

The hose is robust; if you don’t exceed the water pressure instructions, it will last for many years. The kit contains an end cap, 2-types of connector, and a regulator valve. It is easy to operate and is responsive, immediately increasing or decreasing the flow rate.

It is a time and energy-saving way of watering your crops and plants. Hozelock is a trusted brand, and, as such, the soaker hose is high-quality, durable, and provides an even, reliable flow from the tap to the tip.


Landrip DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

For small greenhouses or for those gardeners that don’t want to runs hoses permanently from an outdoor tap, this system is worthy of consideration.

The Landrip irrigation system includes enough kit to slowly drip-feed up to 10 pots simultaneously. Installation shouldn’t take too long and only requires a pair of scissors.

Each connector fits snugly into the tube ensuring no leaks.                                                        

Instead of a direct connection to an outdoor tap, the feeder tube should be immersed into a water source, a filled bucket should suffice. Without the water filter fitted, the system drips 250ml every 30 secs.                                                                        

The timer has a bright, back-lit LCD screen with an easy-to-read display. It is simple to set the watering duration and frequency, from a range of 15-99 seconds, up to 15 times per day. It is programmable for between 1 and 30 days, enough to cover the longest holiday.

There is a manual function; press the button for instant additional water, without conflicting any of the settings.

The timer requires 4 x AA or a micro USB cable. Should there be an issue the batteries automatically kick into action to prevent any disruption in supply.

Our favourite feature is the memory function. Any frequencies and timings programmed remain stored in the memory, even after power cuts or battery changes.   

It is a very cost and time-effective system; it uses 70% less water than traditional spray or drip heads while targeting the plants at their roots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


  • No outside tap required.
  • Useful for greenhouses, conservatories, and indoor pots
  • Battery and USB power
  • Easy to set-up and programme
  • A 10-pot system
  • Manual override and memory functions


  • Position plants and filter higher than the water tank to avoid the siphoning effect
  • The water tank needs regular topping up.

Cherioll Plant Watering Devices

If you only have a few pots in the greenhouse and are regularly refilling a watering can or connecting a hosepipe seems far too time-consuming, the individual watering spikes are the ideal option.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so perfect for the garden, home, or office, in fact, anywhere with plants that need regular irrigation.

The kit contains 12 stakes; 4 x orange, 4 x green, 4 x blue. Each stake is 16.6cm tall and at its widest point, 5.5cm across.

Fill any plastic bottle with water; soft drinks ones are ideal, the neck needs to be 0.8 ā€“ 1.2″. Insert the tight-fitting plug end of the stake into the bottle and twist to seal the connection.

Adjust the drip feed to your flow preference, choose from microdroplets through to a slow trickle. It may take some trial and error to decide upon the moisture levels that each plant requires.

Insert the spike into the soil and walk away ā€“ it is that simple. No tools are needed; you can rest safe knowing that all of your plants remain adequately hydrated.

Our favourite feature is that depending on the bottle size and the flow setting, the reservoir should last for at least 20 days. That is almost 3 weeks to go on holiday without the need for the neighbours to water the plants.

Unlike many irrigation systems where all of the drippers flow equally, the Cherioll kit suits all different plants and their individual watering needs.

It is a convenient, versatile system that is very easy for anyone to use.


  • Enough stakes for 12 pots
  • Possible to set individual flow rates
  • Manual explains all settings clearly.
  • It is possible to add liquid plant food to each bottle
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Not limited by bottle size
  • Practical and economical


  • The flow is continual; unlike intermittent drip systems with timers.
  • The bottles are in view, not the most discreet system.

What to look for in the best irrigation system for greenhouses

Once you have set your budget, there are several factors to consider when buying a garden irrigation system.

Ease of installation

None of our featured systems requires any specialist tools to assemble or install them. Arm yourself with a strong pair of scissors, the instruction manual, some patience, and your system will be good to go in less than an hour.

Timer operation

Some systems have a timer included. It is a system that allows the user to set the frequency and duration of each watering application.

It is ideally suited to those who spend time away from the garden and have concerns about the welfare of their plants.

Separate timers are available to attach to many styles of system. Unfortunately, they only work with those that connect to mains water via a tap.


The reviewed irrigation systems either work by water pressure alone, battery, or USB connection.

Kits that have both battery and USB power are generally more reliable, as if one supply cuts out, the other cuts in, preventing a break in your watering schedule.


The length of the hose and the number of drip heads or sprinklers that it houses is paramount.

The hose should reach all parts of the greenhouse/garden, ensuring every plant receives adequate water.

Adjustable heads

The ability to adjust the velocity of the water flow from the heads is advantageous; particularly if each head works independently of the others.

This results in accurate water flow for each species with differing needs.

Final thoughts

The need to constantly move sprinklers, drag hoses around, or just to stand with a hosepipe is often laborious and time-consuming.

Let an ingenious watering system take the hard work out of keeping your garden and greenhouse irrigated.

With a variety of methods to choose from, that include drip and spray systems, with timers or reservoirs, there is sure to be an option for you.

Let the irrigation system do all of the hard work while you tend to your garden.