Water Butt Reviews – Best Water Butts for 2023

Water Butts are a great addition to any garden – collect rainwater and use it on your garden – all it will cost you is the price of the water butt.Not only that, you will be helping the environment! Check out our picks for the best Water Butt below: 1. Be Green 100L Capacity Mini … Read more

Do Water Butts Crack in Frost?

Collecting rainwater in a butt is the most eco-friendly way to water your garden. Although water butts are simple setups that require little care, before investing in one, it is useful to know if water butts crack in frost, especially if a harsh winter is forecasted. When the temperature drops below zero for a few … Read more

Why Buy a Water Butt? How does it work?

Why buy a water butt? With the unpredictable English weather it can be hard to know when you are going to need to water the garden. We can go for weeks without so much as a glimmer of sunshine and then suddenly have a two week spell of fantastic weather, glorious sunshine and heat and … Read more

Water Butt Accessories – Things You Need!

square downpipe water butt diverter kit

Water Butt Accessories – Things you need to go with your Water Butt! A water butt is a great addition to your garden. Some homes even set up multiple water butts to gather water from the house along with the water gathered from sheds, summer houses or garages.  Water butts collect rain water through the … Read more

Best Way To Water Your Garden

Best ways to water your garden in the Summer Months.   When to water The best times to water plants is early in the morning, to avoid losing water through evaporation during the warm or hot day. If the days are particularly hot, watering in the evening is also going to be very beneficial as … Read more