The Revival of House Plants and Their Benefits

The Revival of House Plants and Their Hidden Benefits

They’re back! The revival of house plants as key feature in interior schemes has gathered momentum over the past year or two.

spider plant
Spider Plant

Dramatic 1970’s favourites – like Cheese plants, ferns and palm leaves are also becoming more popular for their bold shapes and the impact they can can have on an interior scheme. 

But there are more reasons to invest in some awesome house plants than just to decorate and accessorise your home. 

There have been numerous studies into the health benefits of having plants in the workplace so you can bet they’ll have a positive effect in your home as well. Plants create oxygen which is what we breathe. They also act as a kind of ‘pollutant sponge’ by absorbing toxins and pollutants in the air and producing clean oxygen. So your collection of house plants are actually going to really benefit your home environment as well as look pretty. 

Here are out top 10 picks for the best clean air plants for the home. 

  1. Weeping Fig – This plant likes a very bight spot and does not like to be moved at all. They are excellent at processing toxins and will thrive if well looked after. (Don’t let it dry out.)
  2. Spider Plant- These are perfect for the person who is not green fingered, just make sure it has a decent amount of light and it will pretty much take care of itself. 
  3. Corn Plant – They are very hardy and can tolerate low levels of light and drying out between being watered. 
  4. Moth Orchid – If you can find a fairly bright spot in your home and commit to soaking the roots weekly then it will bet very happy and look beautiful.

    Peace Lily
    Peace Lily
  5. Chinese Evergreen – a tough plant with lush green leaves that can cope with little water. Find a place with medium light and it will thrive. 
  6. Flamingo Flower – A robust plant that can put up with a bit of neglect. It offers more or less continuous colour all year round. 
  7. Devils Ivy – A trailing plant that would look great on a shelf. It can cope with being left to dry out between being watered. 
  8. Peace Lily – A plant with a white flower and lush green leaves. Compact and hardy, it needs a fair amount of water. 
  9. Fern Arum – Can survive in bright light or shade. It is good to allow the compost to dry out between waterings. 
  10. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue – This is one of the few house plants to give off oxygen even at night. It can be left to dry out and does not need any attention.
Flamingo Plant
Flamingo Plant

All of these plants will help to rid your house of pollutants in the air and give out fresh clean oxygen. If you suffer from allergies like pollen and hay fever, don’t worry, as most house plants do not give release many, if any pollen spores.