Best Way To Water Your Garden

Best ways to water your garden in the Summer Months.


When to water

The best times to water plants is early in the morning, to avoid losing water through evaporation during the warm or hot day.
If the days are particularly hot, watering in the evening is also going to be very beneficial as the water can soak deeper and last longer.
Remember that plants in pots are going to need special attention as they can dry out quicker that plants situated in the ground.


How to water

There is a common misconception that a quick sprinkling of water multiple times is going to be sufficient watering for your garden.
In actual fact, you are better saving your time of multiple watering trips and instead watering early in the morning with a large quantity of water. This encourages deeper root growth as the roots are encouraged to grow deeper and stronger to access more water. This is much better for the health and success of you plants than allowing short and weak roots to develop which only absorb water near the surface.
Be sure to water the base of your plant and avoid as much contact with leaves and flowers as possible.  If you water the leaves, you risk scorching them, plus the plant is not getting as much water as it needs. (It would be like watering your own head and catching the water that trickles down your face into your mouth!)


Ways to water

 100ft black hose pipe
Hosepipe – this saves you struggling to carry large and heavy watering cans full of water and allows to you to control the amount of water you give to your plants. The downside is that it takes time to stand and water the whole garden properly. Which is especially annoying if you don’t have enough time in the morning to water thoroughly.

watering can

Watering cans – easier to use with a water butt which is better for the environment and your water bill! The downside is that the are awkward, heavy and this is very time consuming!


Sprinklers – Perfect for lawns and larger areas that are impossible to water by hand. Just don’t caught out by the timer and get soaked! Dogs and children also love to play in sprinkler showers and this can be a happy alternative to a garden pool on a hot summers day!


Seep hoses – This sounds like a technical gadget but it really isn’t. It literally is a length of hose with staggered holes in it to allow water to seep out at certain points, some kits allow you to you make you own holes you can tailor the system to your garden.


Automated irrigation systems – Similar to the seep hoses, you can set up drippers that can water pots and more awkward areas of your garden. Again, the dripper units are designed to allow you to create your own unique set up that suits your garden. The sprinklers /  drippers are fed by a flexible length of hose.
The great thing about the dripper systems and seep hose systems is that you can have everything set up and linked to a timer on your garden tap. This way your garden watering is taken care of and you don’t have to spend a large portion of each day tending to your garden. It can take care of itself!


Where to water

Focus on the roots of the plant and not on the leaves. The roots are what need to take the water and watering foliage is a waste of water and can actually promote the spread of disease.


Using a timer

A timer is a fantastic way to not have to worry about your garden drying up ever again. Timers have become significantly more advanced over the years and can now determine the weather by themselves and know whether or not your garden needs watering. The Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus is a particularly good time with advanced settings.