Best Hose Timer / Water Irrigation Timers 2021

The Hozelock Simple Water Timer waters your garden with 13 pre set programs to suit most of your gardening needs

Trying to find a the best water timer for the garden was a pretty un-exciting event, I essentially wanted to find an irrigation timer that: I could trust with my water bill. That would be easy to set up and use – no lengthy instructions please! Wasn’t going to cost a lot of money. As … Read more

Will Watering Grass Make It Greener

Keen gardeners strive to get the lushest, healthiest-looking lawn in their street. Sometimes, the elements conspire against us, resulting in dry, yellowing grass. Will watering grass make it greener, and are there any other ways to improve the health of lawns, are just some of the questions that we hope to answer. Watering grass does … Read more

Do Water Butts Crack in Frost?

Collecting rainwater in a butt is the most eco-friendly way to water your garden. Although water butts are simple setups that require little care, before investing in one, it is useful to know if water butts crack in frost, especially if a harsh winter is forecasted. When the temperature drops below zero for a few … Read more

Do Garden Sprinklers Need Electricity?

Gardens need a regular supply of water to ensure they survive and flourish. The best way to maintain healthy and vibrant lawns is with the use of a water sprinkler. They can be targetted in particularly troublesome areas and easily customised to achieve precision flow. When the rain can’t be relied upon, a sprinkler is … Read more

Hozelock Fittings – Best Hozelock Hose Attachments

Hozelock Metal Threaded Connector Pro 3/4 inch for Taps

There are a huge range of items to customise and adapt your Hozelock hosepipe. Some are just ways of expanding the hose pipes abilities, but others can turn your simple hosepipe into a fully functional irrigation machine! Here are a selection of our favourites and more detailed reviews below: Contents1 1. Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap … Read more

Hozelock Superhoze Expandable Hose Review

hozelock superhoze storage

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Hozelock Superhoze – An expandable hose, so thought I’d share my experience in this review! This particular Hozelock hose is fairly new to the market when compared to most of the range, it only came out in early 2017. The marketing budget has obviously skyrocketed … Read more

How to Fix a Garden Hose Pipe

If your trusty garden hose pipe has sprung a leak, look no further. Here’s how to fix it and what you will need. (Its very easy – you just need to buy a hose connector part and grab a pair of scissors.) If your hose has split somewhere in the length of the hose (not … Read more

How often should I water my lawn?

I look forward to spring and summer nights rolling around each year, not strictly for the reasons you might be imagining. Yes, obviously it’s a lovely treat to sit in the garden with a glass of wine in one hand, my book in the other and relax in the evening sun. But what about the … Read more