Best Lawnmower 2023 – Electric and Petrol

Easiest Way to cut the lawn

Every home needs a lawnmower, but choosing the best lawnmower can be a bit of a bore. We have done the hard work for you, breaking down and reviewing the best electric lawnmowers and the best petrol lawnmowers. All thats left for you to do is have a read and pick out the key bits … Read more

Best Watering Can 2023

Haws Deluxe 7-Litre Outdoor Watering Can, Green Review

Every home needs a watering can, whether for outdoor watering alongside the use of a hose (or instead of one) and for indoor watering of your house plants. Whether you’re looking for a watering can for yourself or trying to find the perfect present for an avid gardener, we have rounded up the 9 best … Read more

Water Butt Reviews – Best Water Butts for 2023

Water Butts are a great addition to any garden – collect rainwater and use it on your garden – all it will cost you is the price of the water butt.Not only that, you will be helping the environment! Check out our picks for the best Water Butt below: 1. Be Green 100L Capacity Mini … Read more

Best irrigation System For A Greenhouse

Watering plants, flowers, and vegetables in a greenhouse is necessary to sustain strong and healthy growth. Constant trips with a spray gun and hose are not only time-consuming but also lead to water wastage. The best irrigation system for greenhouses results in a healthier growing environment for your crops. Not only do you control the … Read more

Will Watering Grass Make It Greener

Keen gardeners strive to get the lushest, healthiest-looking lawn in their street. Sometimes, the elements conspire against us, resulting in dry, yellowing grass. Will watering grass make it greener, and are there any other ways to improve the health of lawns, are just some of the questions that we hope to answer. Watering grass does … Read more

Do Water Butts Crack in Frost?

Collecting rainwater in a butt is the most eco-friendly way to water your garden. Although water butts are simple setups that require little care, before investing in one, it is useful to know if water butts crack in frost, especially if a harsh winter is forecasted. When the temperature drops below zero for a few … Read more

Do Garden Sprinklers Need Electricity?

Gardens need a regular supply of water to ensure they survive and flourish. The best way to maintain healthy and vibrant lawns is with the use of a water sprinkler. They can be targetted in particularly troublesome areas and easily customised to achieve precision flow. When the rain can’t be relied upon, a sprinkler is … Read more

Hozelock Fittings – Best Hozelock Hose Attachments

Hozelock Metal Threaded Connector Pro 3/4 inch for Taps

There are a huge range of items to customise and adapt your Hozelock hosepipe. Some are just ways of expanding the hose pipes abilities, but others can turn your simple hosepipe into a fully functional irrigation machine! Here are a selection of our favourites and more detailed reviews below: 1. Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap Connector … Read more