Are Garden Hoses Recyclable?

Are Garden Hoses Reyclable

Are Garden Hoses Reyclable? The short answer is no, they aren’t! In fact, if you try to recycle your garden hose you may end up causing some serious damage.  A garden hose can clog recycling machinery by wrapping around various cogs and mechanisms. They are made of semi-recyclable materials, but the overall composition and structure … Read more

Garden Design – Best Ground Surface Ideas For Your Garden

Gravel in a big garden

Ideas for Ground Areas in Gardens Patio Area Perfect for dining outside on a an outdoor dining table and chairs. Sit securely on string and durable slabs. A beautiful and neat patio area can really set off the garden line the edges with pots of a pretty fence and you can create a segregated and … Read more

Growing Your Own Produce – Easily At Home!

Grow Your Own

Growing Your own Produce When you grow something yourself you appreciate it in a different way, its a natural extension if you cook. There is nothing better when cooking to know that you have grown ingredients from seed to use in your dish. (And a great conversation point at the dinner table too!) Some things, … Read more

Watering The Garden For Beginners

watering the garden

Watering the Garden – What You Need to Know How often to water your garden. It depends a few different factors, of course the weather is the most critical factor, if there is a hot spell or a heatwave you are going to be needing to water every day or sometimes even twice a day. … Read more

Garden Incinerator Reviews

mini garden incinerator

Best Garden Incinerator Reviews     A garden incinerator is super useful to have around, to burn scrap wood, leaves and paper (documents you might need to destroy). It also makes a great outdoor heat source if you don’t own a chiminea.   Most garden incinerators are a metal drum unit on legs (so as … Read more

Best Way To Water Your Garden

Best ways to water your garden in the Summer Months.   When to water The best times to water plants is early in the morning, to avoid losing water through evaporation during the warm or hot day. If the days are particularly hot, watering in the evening is also going to be very beneficial as … Read more