Virtually Indestructible House Plants – They Hardly Need Watering!

Virtually Indestructible Plants

What plants to grow if you’re not green-fingered

If you’re keen to have a beautiful rich greens of house plants dotted around your home but are a serial plant killer. We have some advice for you. 

You don’t need to run to the artificial plant section just yet. 

There are plenty of house plants that thrive on neglect. Providing they’re near a natural light source and water occasionally, they should survive.

Most of these plants can go without water for up to a month and can also deal with changes in temperature, and tolerate draughts. 

    1. Aloe – While these succulents need bright light, they can put up with drying out between waterings. They also grow slowly so you won’t have to keep repotting them.aloe vera houseplant


  1. Cast Iron Plant – These have tough leaves and don’t mind draughts, changes in temperature and darker locations. They’ll also cope with drying out between waterings. 
  2. Spider Plant – As long as you give these plants reasonable levels of light, you can pretty much forget about them.
  3. Echeveria – As with aloes, these succulents require bright light, but it’’s not a problem if they dry out between waterings. They’re also slow growers, so there’s no need to repot often. 
  4. Japanese Aralia – These tough-leaved plants can withstand children and large pets brushing past then roughly, as well as changes in temperature and draughts. Although the don’t mind drying out a little between waterings, they do need a decent amount of light. 
  5. Rubber Plant – This is much better at dealing with reduced light than its cousins. rubber plant houseplant
  6. Kentia Palm – Another tough leaved plant that can withstand being around children and large pets. It can also tolerate reduced light levels.
  7. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue – These robust plants can survive in darker spots around the house. They don’t mind drying out between watering and remain upright and compact, so are ideal for hallways. 
  8. Wandering Jew – This trailing variety can cope with a certain amount of neglect as long as its in a reasonably light spot. They look good growing wild and unchecked but can also be pruned quite hard if you prefer a tidier appearance. 
  9. Fern Arum – A compact easygoing evergreen that’s happy to dry out and can survive in a dark location.